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  The service I provide would be to help you decide in your current circumstance, whether to buy or lease and also to purchase new or used. Then I would need the following information:
The status of your credit
Amount for a down payment
The monthly payment you that you can afford

With this information I can help you to make a decision according to your budget.

I would consult with you by phone or another convenient time and place. I will accompany you to the dealership and speak to a sales representative on your behalf. You won’t have to get involved in the negotiating I will handle that for you. If you don't have a car I will even pick you up.

One of the services I provide is to review your current insurance policy and try to negotiate a lower price or recommend another insurance carrier that will fit your needs.

If you choose to buy an automobile, I will contact several banks to determine which one will provide a better interest rate.. I will make sure you get a great deal on the car you choose. You will never again pay too much. Buying or leasing a car won't be such a headache again. I'm the only consultant that will accompany you to the dealership.

The people that can benefit the most from my services are women, senior citizens, single parents inexperienced car buyers and really anyone that feels they maybe taken advantage of because of certain circumstances, and those that may be fearful to negotiate under pressure with salespeople.