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Juan and Delores were a young married couple looking to buy a new car. They went to the dealership and talked to the sales person. They imagined he gave them a good price, until I reviewed the numbers and told them otherwise. We went to another dealership and bought the same new car for hundreds less.  Date - 08/95
Jennifer, a 21 year old girl who was looking to purchase a pre-owned vehicle,  was unaware that you could get a discount off the MSRP or list price. I accompanied her to the dealership, we test drove the car and negotiated an acceptable price that included wheel alignment and new wiper blades.  Date - 06/95
Single parent Marci who was overcharged on her previous vehicle and did not realize it until I showed her the numbers. I helped her lease a '97  Honda Civic for 157.81 per month for 24 months.  Date - 12/96

I also helped Marci get a '99 Honda CRV with 0 out of pocket for 248.00 per month both prices included sales tax.  36 Month lease. Date - 12/98
I assisted Paul and Cindy on their first lease on a '99 Jeep Cherokee Laredo. The lowest monthly payment with less than average money out of pocket. $4,500.00 total inception $235.00 per month tax included.  39 Month lease. Date - 10/98
Pete was looking at a used car from a private owner and I went with him to inspect it.  I was able to get a price below wholesale or blue book value.  Date - 06/97
I've assisted my aunt, Pansy Smith in leasing a 1998 Mazda Millenia fully loaded MSRP $34,000 for a total out of pocket cost of $3,200. The monthly payment including all taxes is $269.00. This is a 24 month lease. Date - 8/18/98
I've assisted my aunt's friend, also a senor citizen, Hattie Chambers in leasing a fully loaded 1999 Honda Accord V6 EX with cassette, gold package, cargo net, mud guards and mats MSRP $25,800 for an out of pocket total of $3,750 and a monthly payment of $215.00 which includes tax. 39 Month lease. Date - 1/12/99

I have the expertise to recommend what is best for you. In all cases I upgraded my customers to cars they previously thought they could not afford.

I've helped Jill a single mom lease a 99 Honda Accord LX with $1,000.00 out of pocket and at $239.00 per month tax included and her credit rating was average. 36 Month lease. Date - 02/99.

I've aided E.J. Delgado in purchasing a 2000 Honda Civic 4 door LX Sedan, with cassette, automatic transmission, mudguards, car mats and power electric moon roof; plus a trade in of his '87 Camaro with 115,000 miles all for a total cost of $15,835. Plus arranged for financing and car insurance. Date - 01/00 

I've negotiated a lease for a senior citizen, Dorothy Whitley for a '2000 Honda Civic LX with window etching, mats door edge guards, keyless entry and alarm.  For a price of $3,300.00 total inception includes all fees, monthly payment of $143.00 tax included.  36 Month lease. Date - 04/00

I've helped Rich and Martha Garcia in locating a '99 Honda Accord LX with pin striping Splash Guards and Honda car mats.  The car has a factory bumper to bumper warranty till 3 years or 36,000 miles.  The car was bought at a Honda dealership with only 8,797 miles for a purchase price of $15,600.00.  I've handled all the negotiations for this Hispanic family. Date - 05/25/00

Cindy is the wife of Paul from the fourth success story. I helped her lease a 2000 Chevy Prism auto transmission, 4-door sedan, cassette, power sun roof, power windows, A/C, power locks, and car mats for $3,900 total inception and a $118.00 monthly payment that includes taxes and motor vehicle. 36 Month lease. Date - 6/12/00

I've aided Noah T. Feldstein in buying a 4-door sedan 2000 Honda Accord LX with A/C, auto transmission, 4 cylinder Gold Emblem package, cassette, keyless entry, alarm, car mats, mud guards and trunk mounted cargo net for a total purchase price of $17,675.00. Also found low cost financing and saved hundreds off car insurance to a low premium of $837.00 per year. Date - 7/5/00

I've negotiated a deal for myself on a new 2001 Toyota Avalon XLS with all options for a purchase price of slightly under $30,000.00. Also purchased lower cost insurance with a different carrier. Date - 10/3/00

I assisted James T. Bantha in leasing a 2001 Toyota Camry CE with a credit rating of 566, a bankruptcy, 2 missed payments and 8 late payments on his previous lease, which went 24,000 miles over the limit. I negotiated with the leasing manager to not charge him extra fees, only the extra mileage fee of $0.10 a mile. He was approved without a cosigner. Excessive wear and minor damage was waived on the previous lease '98 Toyota Camry LE. 48 Month Lease. Date - 2/27/01

I aided A. D. Johnson in purchasing a 1989 Toyota Camry V6 ALLTrac Sedan with 114,700 miles for $3500.00 with a warranty which resulted in a new transmission from the dealer, also found lower cost car insurance. I assisted in finding a bank for low cost financing. Date - 04/30/01

I've assisted Pete again from Success Story #6 in purchasing a 2003 Honda Accord LX with trade in of his old car with a bad transmission, also 4 mud guards and cargo net for below $19,500.00. Saved hundreds off car insurance from his previous policy. I found lower cost, same type coverage. Date - 10/09/02

I've negotiated a deal for myself on a 2005 Toyota Avalon XLS with a 7yr/75,000 mile warranty for a total purchase price of $30,940.00. I also found a bank with a loan rate of 5.5% for a 3 to 4 year loan. Date 05/28/05